Bottle Cleaning

Easy, peezy, clean bottles

The condition of your bottles is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of your wine after it is placed in the bottle. If bottles are brand new, the sanitizing and rinsing before each batch is perfectly sufficient. But what happens after those lovely new bottles are opened and the contents enjoyed?

If wine residue is left in the bottom of a bottle, mold can start to grow. When we get ready to re-fill these wine bottles, it can require a great deal of scrubbing and cleaning to clean out this residue. We do our best to screen each bottle as it is filled but this can be difficult, especially in dark green or brown bottles.

We offer a food-safe bleach for our customers, but there is a quick and easy 30 second process to make sure each bottle is ready to go for your next batch.

  1. Immediately after finishing a wine, fill 1/3 with hot water, put your thumb over the opening, shake well, empty and rinse.
  2. Repeat Step 1
  3. Peel the label off, pull or cut the shrink top off and place the bottle neck down into your wine box.

Any moisture left will drain and eventually evaporate and dust and dirt cannot enter your clean bottle.

Your bottle is now ready for your next trip to The Thirsty Vintner.