Why Make Wine?
The Value
You can craft winery-quality wine for a fraction of what you would spend on similar store-bought wine.
It's fun!
Socialize with other winemakers while you bottle your wine in-store or craft your wine at home with a group of friends. You'll meet new people who share your passion and quickly realize why this has been a popular pastime for decades.
The Convenience
Have a cellar full of wine for every occasion.  No more last minute trips to the store!

Now you know why you should make wine...

but how do you do it?

First, you need to decide if you will make the wine at home, or on-site.

Making Wine On-site

If you are making it on-site at our shop, you’ll first select your wine – we can recommend a wine based on what you already like to drink. We will prepare your juice and you’ll sprinkle the yeast to get it started. Over the next several weeks we will carefully follow all of the necessary steps to create delicious wine. When your wine is complete, you’ll return to bottle it. You can either bring your own clean bottles, or purchase new bottles at the store. After bottling you can apply your choice of bottle label (offered at the store, or from many online label retailers) and top it off with a coordinating shrink.

Making Wine at Home

Alternatively, if you make your wine at home you’ll find that it’s easy and rewarding. You’ll need a bit of equipment, which is inexpensive and pays for itself after your first couple of batches. We offer starter kits with everything you need, all in one box. All of our kits come with step by step instructions and take only about 4 hours total (over the course of a few weeks). The process can vary slightly from wine to wine, but generally there are 4 basic steps:

  1. Primary Fermentation
  2. Secondary Fermentation
  3. Stabilizing/Clearing
  4. Bottling

Experience craft winemaking for yourself and see why nearly 20 million bottles of WinexpertTM wine is crafted each year.

Interested in trying it for yourself?

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