The wine selections Marty recommended for our family wedding were very enjoyable. There were lots of compliments (and people asking where we had gone to have it done.) Super friendly yet so knowledgeable and excellent recommendations in wine!

Tanya G.

Such a welcoming staff. The girls met me at my car, brought in the bottles, helped me (I did very little) and what can be a long process was accomplished in 15 min. Then the bottles put on a dolly and into my car without my help. The wine suggestions are always right on and after three years it has remained the same. Thanks to you all!

Marianne H.

Their customer service, helpfulness and of course delicious wine is why we stay - these guys make it easy!

Kelly W.

Best people, service and quality ever. Quality is amazing, I do 10 batches a year and when I get my wine in a barrel the wine is BETTER than purchased!


I left there feeling that I understood the whole process and all the benefits of making it myself. The results were delicious.

Magda S.

Good selection of products at the best prices and great staff.

Richard P.

Marty and her team are amazing and very helpful. I love going there and getting the royal treatment. She's so knowledgeable and helpful. I have gone to others but The Thirsty Vintner is stars above the others!

Trish F.

If you want table wine of good quality and very reasonable price, Thirsty Vintner is a good option. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. They offer plenty of help so your bottling experience goes smoothly.

Bruce C.

Highly recommend this wine making shop. Marty, John and all of the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Just tell them what you like and they will make sure your selection meets your needs. Seriously, give them try!

Tamara T.