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Our Customers have been making wine at the Thirsty Vintner for over twenty years at the same location. You can really taste the difference in our wine because of the high standard of quality control we maintain throughout the whole process. From beginning to end, our production staff are meticulous in all the details necessary to create a delicious wine you’ll be pleased to call your own.

Our staff are pleased to answer any questions that you may have and are able to help you choose wines that you will enjoy and be proud to serve to friends and family. The bottling process is so easy and takes as little as fifteen minutes. You will wonder why you didn’t start making wine years ago.

Whether you are interested in a wine that will be ready to serve soon after bottling, or craft wines suitable for cellar aging, this is the wine-making destination for you.

What makes the wine amazing, are the people who work here: Meet our talented staff, ready to help you with whatever you need!

Owners Mike & Marty standing in front of a wall of wine bottles

Mike & Marty Shop Owners

Mike and Marty have a passion for wine and winemaking dating back decades as their travels have invariably led them to some popular wine regions. They have made trips to the BC Interior, California, South America and Southeast Asia and delight in finding interesting wines and wine making skills.

With a mixed heritage from Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong and the Philippines, Marty loves all wines; particularly fond of Oak Barrel aged reds, dry Italian and French wines and an occasional hearty Australian. Food pairings were always a topic at the dinner table during her upbringing, so Marty is always tasting with a thought to the perfect wine and food combinations.

Mike’s wine interest is quite diverse, but he does speak highly of bold Italian and French wines. With a strong Irish and Scottish heritage, he also really enjoys some of the new age techniques of whiskey and bourbon barrel aging. 

With such a love for great wine, Mike and Marty jumped at the chance to become owners of an established wine making shop back in 2016. As current owners, Mike and Marty still carry on the time honoured traditions established at the Thirsty Vintner by continuing to provide Quality Wines At Affordable Prices and exemplary customer service.


Craig Production, Customer Service Representative

Craig comes to our shop with over 25 years' experience in the business. Craig was in the Navy before the wine making business, taking him to many countries. From production to assisting customers, there's always fun conversations from all his travels!

Paule Customer Service Manager

When you arrive at the Thirsty Vintner, or call our shop, the first person to greet you would most likely be Paule. From greeting customers and scheduling appointments, she is always cheerful and very helpful! Paule comes to our shop with diversity in culture, love of travel, and languages. She has a passion for musicals, martial arts and likes lighter, fruit forward white wines, though she has been developing a love for barrel aged reds, too! While keeping watch on the front of the shop, she also helps in production to ensure quality control and production timelines.