Shiraz ~ Zinfandel

Shiraz ~ Zinfandel

Shiraz ~ Zinfandel

Private Reserve
Ready in 16 weeks

Introducing Shiraz ~ Zinfandel! 

A full-bodied red blend combines Southern Italy's Primitivo (also known as Zinfandel) with Australian Shiraz. 

Hearty and rich with prevailing dark-fruit and dried-fruit flavours featuring plum, blackberry, raisins with characters of pepper and spice and ages very well! 


  • Start: October
  • Finish: late January to early February.
  • Availability: 3 spots left
  • Price: $255

Food Pairings: 

  • Pizza with salami and mushrooms 
  • Barbecued beef brisket

Herbed pork sausage and mash

Pairing Recipe
Make in Store $255.00
Body Full
Oak Heavy
Sweetness Dry
Limited Release