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Celebrate 30 years with the LE19 line up!

For Winexpert’s 30th anniversary, experience a fantastic variety of wines and regions on showcase. From twists on classics to thought-lost varietals, this Limited Edition season will be one for the history books- and for your cellar!


~~~THE WINES ~~~

Terremoto Tempranillo | Valencia, Spain   SOLD OUT!

The core varietal in Rioja wine, Tempranillo is medium-bodied with flavours of cherry, dried figs, tanned leather, and earthy spices. Perfect for sipping while enjoying spicy meats and honey & lemon-basted duck.

Pecorino Pinot Grigio | Abruzzo & Veneto, Italy  Limited Quantites Left!

Pinot Grigio’s reputation precedes it, with its bright citrus and mineral flavour, but it’s dance partner Pecorino is less known…thought extinct after the greatest epidemic the wine world has ever seen in the mid-20th century, it was rediscovered again in the 1980s, and has resurged to great acclaim. Together, they create a light, floral white that has acidity that can cut through rich mussels and match vinagrette-tossed salads!

Pacific Quartet RED | Pacific Rim  SOLD OUT!

Taking the most popular red varietals worldwide (California Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington Merlot, Australian Shiraz, and Chilean Malbec), Pacific Quartet Red is a celebration of what makes these wines, and the ancient art of blending, so great! Notes of rich blackberry, cherry, currant, and dark chocolate make this wine perfect for rosemary lamb, and aged cheeses.

Yolo White | Yolo County, California  SOLD OUT!

The trio of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Muscat gives this off-dry blend vibrant green apple, melon, and citrus flavours that ring with brilliant acidity. This makes the wine perfect for baked haddock and cod, as well as smelly cheeses like Stilton and Camembert.

Cape Blend with GRAPE SKINS | Worchester, South Africa  Limited Quantities Left!

South Africa’s signature varietal, Pinotage, is a truly unique grape, blended from the light-skinned Pinot Noir and the thick-skinned Cinsault (formerly named Hermitage). This gives the grape a fantastic smokey and floral aroma that is unlike anything else in the wine world. Blended in with Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz, this Cape Blend is dark, brooding, and will compliment the most complexly herbed meat dishes and the oldest cheeses.



Manchego Stuffed Mini Peppers (paired with Terremoto Tempranillo)

Serve up a platter of tapas, with these delightful morsels as the centrepiece. Add some panchetta, salami, and olives for a classic spread to enjoy alongside the jewel-toned Tempranillo.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp & Farro Bowls (paired with Pecorino Pinot Grigio)

On a base of hearty farro, this recipe is both bright and filling. Pecorino Pinot Grigio cuts though the thicker meal making it much quicker to eat, which is just as well, as seconds are a must with this recipe.

Vegetarian? Cut out the shrimp entirely or subsitute with some neat vegan-friendly “shrimp“.

Caprese Flank Steak (paired with Pacific Quartet Red)

Grilled just the way you want it, and marinated with olive oil, herbs, and Worchester sauce, this flank will be as big a hit at garden BBQ parties as the Pacific Quartet Red will be!

Vegetarian? Marinate extra-firm tofu and grill to personal taste!

Salmon with Citrus Tarragon Butter (paired with Yolo White)

Serve this aromatic fish recipe with mixed steamed greens. The sweet perfume of the Tarragon butter pairs beautifully with this year’s Yolo White.

Vegetarian? Mix the butter into rice Pilaf for intensely flavoured rice!

Herbed Pulled Pork (paired with Cape Blend)

This brilliant pork recipe bursts with flavour, and can served with a red wine gravy and root vegetables, or in a bun “Sloppy Joe” style. The intensity of the food is only rivalled by the Cape Blend itself!

Vegetarian? Replicate the unique texture of the pork with jackfruit or lentils!