It's the last month of our Annual Summer Sale

This month we are featuring six premium wines from Australia;

Whites: Selection 16 litre - 6 week kits

            Australian Chardonnay (oaked or un-oaked) $167.55 all in

            Australian Traminer-Riesling (our best selling off-dry wine) $167.55

Reds: Selection 16 litre - 6 week kits

           Australian Shiraz $171.25 all-in

           Australian Cabernet Sauvignon $171.25

           Australian Cabernet/Shiraz $171.25

8 week Red with Grape skins

           Australian Petite Verdot $187.86 (a great price on our 18 litre top-of-the-line wine kit)

Prices are in effect from Friday, August 1st until all stock is sold. We generally try to bring in as many extras as the little shop can hold and may well have a few still available into early September.


PORTS for Christmas

Thanks to all of you who have already placed their orders for Chocolate/Raspberry andBlackberry ports. We are excited to be making the blackberry port for the first time in three years. It is slightly less-sweet than our perennial Chocolate-Raspberry and very similar to commercial versions costing four times the $5.10 for 375 ml price tag we will be charging. We suggest you add a small bottle of brandy to the port at the time of bottling. These after dinner sippers make a great gift and they will last for many years in the bottle.

The deadline for ordering ports is Friday, August 8th. We expect delivery of these once-a-year wines in the first week of September. We start them all together and expect to have them ready to bottle by early November.  The cost will be the same as last year at $154.95 all-in. 

Note: Unlike previous years we will not be carrying extra port kits this season. The process of making the flavoured ports requires a little more planning on our part and it only works if we do "port" work on specific non-wine days. Between ports, ice wines, oaked wines, champagnes, rocket-fuel, and the start of our busiest season, space is at a premium. We appreciate your understanding.

PS: We still have 3 "oaked last chance ports" spots available before Christmas


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